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The main task of this group is to plan, develop, import, manage and integrate information and multimedia resources for the school-wide information system, support the development of school-wide information teaching, counseling and research, and provide the necessary information strategies and technical advice to improve The computerization of the school administration, the information service inside and outside the school, and the training of talents to promote information application. The main goals are:

 (1) Build an intelligent digital campus to provide intelligent and integrated information services for the staff and students of the whole school.
 (2) To develop school affairs information in four directions: digitization of teaching and guidance, integration of research and development technology, administrative informatization, and system security.
 (3) Develop school-wide information policy, and import and certify BS 10012 PIMS Personal Information Management System and ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System.
 (4) To provide integrated information resources, to promote the concept of moving from e-to-intelligence, to education, training and consulting services related to computer information for teaching staff and students.
 (5) Coordinate with school affairs development strategies and administrative cultural characteristics, and maintain flexibility and timeliness.
 (6) Create a mobile cloud-based smart learning campus with cloud-based, mobile, personal, and intelligent design concepts


Service Location of School Affairs System Group (3rd Floor, Youwei Science and Technology Building)


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